JAY-Z Battling Egyptians

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Jay-Z is has been battling a law suit for six-years for alledgedly sampling an Egyptian’s song.

At the heart of  the law suit, the nephew of late Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi, argues that Jay Z mutilated the original song, violated “moral rights,” and despite the existence of a settlement agreement that appeared to give “Big Pimpin” producers a valid license, infringed a copyright.

Jay Z and the other defendants hoped to wrap up this case altogether, but then there is the issue of allegedly infringing activity happening after 2006, when the EMI-Sout El Phan agreement expired and “Big Pimpin” defendants arguably no longer could point to a settlement agreement as freeing their liability for among other things, Jay Z’s exploitation of the song in concerts, in films, and on television.

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