Tarantino; Hateful 8 Lawsuit Update

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For those of you who’ve been following Tarantino’s battle with Gawker, here’s the latest update.






Collins to the Nets; Sports

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With the Combine underway and Collins now signed with the Brooklyn Nets, the landscape of sports and the stereotypical athlete is changing before our eyes.

Collins, is the first openly gay player to be signed to an NBA team. Michael Sam, a University of Missouri football player, just wants to be another football player, not a “gay” football player. No * please.

There are probably varying opinions on this issue, this wouldn’t be news worthy if there weren’t. However, as a former athlete myself, let me just say that I would love my teammate no matter what. Teammates do battle together and thus, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, et al., the bond between teammates is thicker than any of these superficial differences.

For More: http://hosdi.eu/1fxty09


Nicki Gets Slammed by Malcolm X Estate

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Nicki’s new single album cover depicts Malcolm X holding a rifle. The estate of the late civil rights movement leader weren’t to happy about the use of the image?

Read the whole story here: http://hosdi.eu/1hqqZjD


Superbowl Ads are a Disappointment

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“Disappointing” and “lame” — those were some of the words that critics used to describe the ads that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

For the full article by the Huff Post on how lame the commercials were, go HERE!

Did the NFL have anything to do with selecting/censoring commercials? What are your thoughts?



Superbowl, Coca – Cola & Racism ?

Superbowl, Coca – Cola & Racism ?

Coca – Cola’s Super Bowl commercial featured “America the Beautiful”

Americans, however, were not thrilled about the delivery.

Coca-Cola Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

– JD

Street Art; Banksy

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From its origins as a form of anti-establishment political protest to its’ present day incarnation as a multi million pound industry, street art has not only radically transformed the way we view our public pavements and walls but has also inadvertently turned the illegality of an art form into a controversial topic subject to widespread debate. One indeed worthy of the Houses of Parliament, where on Friday 13 December a momentous event in the art world is scheduled to take place.

The House of Commons will open its’ doors to Smile Britannia, the first charity ‘Street Art’ auction ever to take place in the UK’s home of politics. With an incredibly impressive catalogue of art, donated by an eclectic roster of artists, this auction will go down in history as the first event to see this contemporary art form being so evidently accepted by the establishment it has fought so tirelessly against.

Previously described as vandalism, criminal activity and the ‘wanton destruction of private property’, lately and with increased frequency, there has been a noticeable softening of the judicial system towards street art. Just last week a Mancunian street artist was unexpectedly excused from a significant prison term for vandalism, despite causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, because the judge residing over the case believed the offender had unquestionable talent and indeed ‘could be the next Banksy’.

For the full article, please visit the Huffington Post


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Ride Along with Conan, Cube and Kevin Hart

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In addition to this video being outrageously funny, Conan also brings up a good legal point concerning the synchronization of music to video. 

Check out the video HERE!


The World is Shrinking

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Not that this posting has any legal significance, I just found it to be extremely funny.

Elan Gale, producer of “The Bachelor” willfully entered into a tiff with a fellow passenger while traveling from one destination to another this Holiday weekend.

Gale thought it was a good idea to Tweet about it. I would have to agree.

Check out some of the messages that he sent to Passenger 7D, HERE.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Beastie Boys; Fair Use

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Fair use or not, Goldieblox has stopped the music.

The toy company has replaced the Beastie Boys‘ song, “Girls,” from the soundtrack to its controversial viral advertisement which shows three girls playing with a Rube Goldberg-type machine over alternative, empowering song lyrics. In an open letter to  Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz, Goldieblox has also offered to withdraw its lawsuit if the band stipulates that the company is no longer under threat.

For further reading, click HERE