Belieber Update;

Footage from Bieber’s Miami Arrest.

The question on everyone’s mind, will the Department of Immigration revoke his Green Card?


King Avriel


King Avriel

Another client on Complex!

Check out Avriel’s video … pretty excited about her future.

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Collins to the Nets; Sports

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With the Combine underway and Collins now signed with the Brooklyn Nets, the landscape of sports and the stereotypical athlete is changing before our eyes.

Collins, is the first openly gay player to be signed to an NBA team. Michael Sam, a University of Missouri football player, just wants to be another football player, not a “gay” football player. No * please.

There are probably varying opinions on this issue, this wouldn’t be news worthy if there weren’t. However, as a former athlete myself, let me just say that I would love my teammate no matter what. Teammates do battle together and thus, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, et al., the bond between teammates is thicker than any of these superficial differences.

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Lena Dunham; Pics for $10K

Everyone is trying to get into the Lena Dunham business.

The celebrity site Jezebel is reportedly offering $10K for un-retouched photos of Lena Dunham, from those photos which were taken during the Annie Leibovitz’s photo shoot.

The Re-touched version can be found below.

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Internships in Hollywood; The End of an Era

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Internships in the entertainment industry are extremely common. As a former intern myself, I can attest to most of the allegations set forth in the complaints against Fox Searchlight and Hearst.

The bottom line is that most entertainment companies, including studios, production companies, publishing houses, et al., use interns. However, under federal law an internship has strict compliance issues.

At this time, the Second Circuit will be deciding whether the aforementioned defendants violated federal employment law, which would have consequences on future entertainment hopefuls.

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JAY-Z / BARNEYS; Follow Up

In an effort to save face with Jay-Z, his fans, and members of Barneys’ shopping community, Barneys’ CEO Mark Lee offers and apology to the man himself.

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Jay can now continue building his empire.