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House of Cards; Binging

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Raise your hand if you spent this weekend binge-watching “House of Cards”?

Join the club. From the leader of the free world to celebs, it appeared that Valentine’s Day weekend was for lovers of season two of the hit Netflix series. The show, about the devious machinations of Washington politician Francis Underwood and his wife, Claire, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, has a devoted fan base that eagerly awaited the release of the new season on Friday — and many of them watched all 13 episodes over the weekend.


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Nicki Gets Slammed by Malcolm X Estate

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Nicki’s new single album cover depicts Malcolm X holding a rifle. The estate of the late civil rights movement leader weren’t to happy about the use of the image?

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Superbowl Ads are a Disappointment

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“Disappointing” and “lame” — those were some of the words that critics used to describe the ads that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

For the full article by the Huff Post on how lame the commercials were, go HERE!

Did the NFL have anything to do with selecting/censoring commercials? What are your thoughts?



Superbowl, Coca – Cola & Racism ?

Superbowl, Coca – Cola & Racism ?

Coca – Cola’s Super Bowl commercial featured “America the Beautiful”

Americans, however, were not thrilled about the delivery.

Coca-Cola Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

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Lena Dunham; Pics for $10K

Everyone is trying to get into the Lena Dunham business.

The celebrity site Jezebel is reportedly offering $10K for un-retouched photos of Lena Dunham, from those photos which were taken during the Annie Leibovitz’s photo shoot.

The Re-touched version can be found below.

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Beyonce Breaks the Music Business

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Few artists have the capacity to change an entire business model with one deft maneuver, but hand it to Beyonce, because she just did.

Last night (Dec. 12), without any pre-promotion whatsoever, the former Destiny’s Child star dropped her new album— Beyonce`— directly viaiTunes.

Given Beyonce’s prominence as the queen of popular music, has Beyonce effectively paved the way for superstars to cut out their record labels?

For the full article, please visit Medium Magazine


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Client Update; The Banshee Chapter

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Via The Hollywood Reporter.

A sexy horror film and a CIA drug experiment gone wrong round out a lively week.

This week in VOD is marked by two notable indie horror films. First up is The Banshee Chapter, which takes a conspiracy theorist’s paranoia and blows it up into a very scary movie. Banshee is based on real documents, actual test-subject testimony and uncovered secrets about covert programs run by the CIA to create mind-altering drugs. The fictional story is about a journalist searching for a friend who goes missing after taking these top secret government chemicals. The film stars Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs), Katia Winter (TV’s Sleepy Hollow) and Michael McMillian (True Blood). This is writer-director Blair Erickson‘s first feature, but Erickson has been a big player in the growing world of transmedia, including writing and directing eight live-action online episodes of The Terminator for Fox.

The Banshee Chapter was produced by Zack Quinto’s Before the Door and HDPC client, Stephanie Riggs and her Sunchaser banner.


Ride Along with Conan, Cube and Kevin Hart

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In addition to this video being outrageously funny, Conan also brings up a good legal point concerning the synchronization of music to video. 

Check out the video HERE!