The Hobbit; Arbitration

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As casual as I keep most of my client consultations, I always find it moderately amusing when a client says “I just need something simple, nothing complicated”.

One of the headlines catching Hollywood’s ears today was that of the impending dispute between the Weinsteins and Warners over revenue from “The Hobbit” franchise.

With the second installment, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” headed to theatres this December, there is a significant sum of money, to which both parties are claiming rights.

The dispute comes down to whether the Weinstein’s “Quitclaim” agreement with the studio includes a Gross corridor for the second and third installment of the Hobbit film series, a franchise that has already grossed nearly $1b dollars worldwide.

Like I tell all my clients, when responding to the frequent comment mentioned above, “the devil is in the details”; nothing is simple.

You can read more HERE



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