The World is Shrinking

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Not that this posting has any legal significance, I just found it to be extremely funny.

Elan Gale, producer of “The Bachelor” willfully entered into a tiff with a fellow passenger while traveling from one destination to another this Holiday weekend.

Gale thought it was a good idea to Tweet about it. I would have to agree.

Check out some of the messages that he sent to Passenger 7D, HERE.

Happy Holidays Everyone!



Bond; Lawsuit Settlement

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The family of Kevin McClory, reputed to have proposed the idea of making 007 films, sells its stake in the iconic character.

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Beastie Boys; Fair Use

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Fair use or not, Goldieblox has stopped the music.

The toy company has replaced the Beastie Boys‘ song, “Girls,” from the soundtrack to its controversial viral advertisement which shows three girls playing with a Rube Goldberg-type machine over alternative, empowering song lyrics. In an open letter to  Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz, Goldieblox has also offered to withdraw its lawsuit if the band stipulates that the company is no longer under threat.

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Internships in Hollywood; The End of an Era

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Internships in the entertainment industry are extremely common. As a former intern myself, I can attest to most of the allegations set forth in the complaints against Fox Searchlight and Hearst.

The bottom line is that most entertainment companies, including studios, production companies, publishing houses, et al., use interns. However, under federal law an internship has strict compliance issues.

At this time, the Second Circuit will be deciding whether the aforementioned defendants violated federal employment law, which would have consequences on future entertainment hopefuls.

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Strangers in Photos, Results Are Amazing




Strangers in Photos, Results Are Amazing

Strangers in NYC are uniquely compatible.

– JD