SoundCloud Now Reaches 250 Million Visitors In Its Quest To Become The Audio Platform Of The Web

Soundcloud is here to stay.
– JD


Today at Disrupt Europe, SoundCloud co-founder and CEO Alexander Ljung took the stage to share two new updates and share his thoughts on the music industry, music startups and more. Back in July, SoundCloud announced that it has reached 200 million active listeners (monthly active users). But since then, the startup has grown substantially as it now reports 250 million listeners.

In addition to that, SoundCloud now integrates with Instagram to allow you to your photos as album art. More on that here.

“We’ve had a really good year, we’ve been growing very fast — we are the audio platform of the web,” Ljung said. “In any given hour, we’ll reach nearly every country in the entire world,” he continued. Earlier this year, the company introduced a totally revamped premium subscription. It is certainly the key element that helped boost SoundCloud’s growth.

“The big thing when we made that…

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